Kakara Island is one of tourism destinations in Tobelo, North Halmahera. This island has white sandy beach, sparkling crystal water and shady shore that been planted with coconut trees. The situation makes this place become well-known among local and worldwide tourists.

Going to Kakara Island is perfect to do swimming, since the water and the waves are calm and comforting. Just like any other tropical Island, Kakara is also has warm breezy wind, ocean-taste water and white fine sandy beach along the shore.

Kakara Island is the origin place where Hibualamo culture came from. Here we can see the traditional house from Hibualamo tribe and also becomes the symbol of uniting in North Halmahera. The inhabitants in Kakara are famous as talented Cakalele dancer with humble attitude. We can stay at people’s house during our trip, or we can stay at one of guest houses in this area, complete with traditional food from local people.

For snorkeling and diving, this water at Eastern Cape of Kakara is the recommended point. When the water is recede we can see the beautiful coral reefs that showing up at the surfaces. Yet, when you are diving into the water, the splendid view will enchant your sight. The clear sparkling water will give you the view of beautiful coral reefs, colorful anemone and fishes and if you are lucky you can meet the starfish that always appear in some season.

Kakara island is one of island groups in front of Tobelo, and it can reach around 15 minutes by using Ketinting boat that can be found in Dufa-Dufa port, with the route of Tobelo-Kakara . if we want to explore others islands around Kakara, then the best way to do is renting a boat (Ketinting) capacity of 6 passengers or speedboat with higher price.