The beauty of the marine park may be long gone, but in North Halmahera only in Tobotobo you can find a row of houses on stilts that stands firmly on the sea. Tobotobo belongs to the group of Loloda islands and it more famous by the name Loloda Kepulauan.

When exploring the island it will be dominated by limestone rocks, while when exploring the other side Tobotobo we can see bats that live suspended in the mangrove trees would be an interesting experience.
To reach this place we can use Baubau ship 2 times a week from the port of Tobelo with the ultimate goal to Loloda Islands for 12 hours of travel.

Although Tobotobo is reachable from every village in Loloda, Dorume is the best option for transit. Tobotobo only 15 minutes from Dorume by using speedboats and it can be hired from local residents.