Goheba waterfall is located at the peak of mountainous site, precisely settled in Kalaodi hamlet, Tidore sub-district. This place is located at one flowing river that surrounded by beautiful rocks and green dramatic trees, with shady nuance of chirping birds and river flows.

The place is already managed well for one of tourism destinations in Tidore that makes this place easy to reach. We can take private vehicles, either two-wheel drive of fou-wheel drive to go to the place, and it takes 1 hour drive.

Goheba waterfall is always have visitors in daily, and becomes more crowds in weekend. The nuance around the area is very calming and suitable for those who love tranquility. We can jump and bath in the streaming water while enjoying the situation with best friends and family. Be careful with the slippery rock while jumping on the river and always aware with the streaming water.

While on this place, it better to keep honor the nature by not doing something harm. Please bring your own litter and garbage and do not throwing away around the area. To keep the nature as genuine as we can is one of the things that we can do to preserve the Earth.