North Sulawesi also has , in fact is not less beautiful . Urongo tree house . Contemporary tourist destinations in the city presents a view of Lake Tondano Tondano. Kalibiru long queues , not least with that here . You have to be patient to get a turn . Because since it opened , the place is always full of visitors .

Here there are two tree houses to take pictures . The tree house about ten meters , and the shorter one about three meters. The view of Lake Tondano of heights indeed stunning . The lake is surrounded by hills . As well as the views of the promontory that juts into the lake.

However , this extreme location is always packed with visitors especially on holidays . They are willing to climb a steep dirt road nan -by photographed in tree houses with a scenic backdrop of Lake Tondano . In fact, the safety equipment at this location is very minimal . Just come with a safety rope on the body for one person . If more , others must hold the trunk so as not to fall.

This location is above the top Urongo Hill Village , District of South Tondano . 10 km from the city Tondano and can be reached by approximately 10 to 20 minutes by car . Once up the stairs of land approximately 20 minutes , visitors arrive at the site of the tree house .

There are 4 tree houses lined up on a hill , one of which is the most extreme . Therefore , it should pursue a bamboo bridge far more than 10 meters to reach the spot . Points handle only one at the right . There are one or two officers who will help pursue the bridge but visitors should remain cautious . If it rains , the bridge becomes slippery . Sometimes visitors big balls must limped to arrive at a favorite spot , but this extreme .

Treat views of Lake Tondano above the height of the tree house to be hunted visitors . They perpetuate the presence in these locations with a style that is quite dangerous with legs stuck out from the runway spot. Various other styles also recorded on camera . For those who do not want to try a spot of extreme can try 3 other spot that only has a height of about 3 meters from the ground .

The tree house of bamboo tied tightly was originally a base camp village youths who are members of the Young Nature Lovers ( Earthquake ) Urongo . Used as a place to mingle after the planting of trees as rescue efforts shore of the lake.