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Thread: Lawena Beach

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    Lawena Beach

    The beach is very well known by the surfers as 'paradise for the surfers'. This beach is a combination of beautiful scenery and big waves. There are worldwide tourists coming to this beach to conquer the waves and enjoying the nuance of tropical beach. The flattering coconut trees along the shore will give dramatic nuance when we are here with our love one. The shady atmosphere will be perfect to be enjoyed by drinking coconut water.

    For those who do not want to surf, this beach is also fine for having recreational time and family vacation. The super white sand will be tickling your feet and it will be nice to have a long walk while holding hand, or take some photo for your pre-wedding.

    For those of you who have the opportunity to spend the holiday on the island of Ambon then there will nice visiting this beach. Enjoy your vacation and enjoy the beauty of Indonesian tourism. Do not forget to bring your own meals and drinks, for there are not much food stalls here. After taking some meals, do not forget to bring your own litter, never make any harm and stay honor the nature.

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    unfortunately IO did not visit Lawena Beach my last visit but when I came to my contry I saw Lawena Beach images on various websites articles such as Honda Car Prices in Pakistan, Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan, China New Car in Pakistan and Bike Price in Pakistan all of them indicat that Lawena Beach is the one of the most beautiful beach in entire Indonesia.

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    The beach is so great. I hope one day I will visit this wonderful beach. It would be even better if there were more lights

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