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Thread: Marsela Island

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    Marsela Island

    Marsela Island is Indonesia’s outer islands in the Timor Sea and is bordered by the Timor Leste / Australia. Marsela Island is part of the government area of Southwest Maluku regency, Maluku province.
    Marsela Island has second largest Natural Resources in the World which is Marsela Oil Block. Marsela Island has some villages include: Ilbutung, Marsela, Bululora, Latalola Kecil (LTK), Serili, Latalola Besar (LTB), Uiwly, Nura, Lawawang, Iblatmunta, and Babyotan.

    It is not east to reach Marsela Island, but after we arrive all the struggles will be just paid. We can start the trip from Ambon by using ship to Tepa, and it continues by using wooden motor boat for 6-8 hour to Marsela Island. Unfortunately, all those transportation are not always available. The trip schedule from Tepa to Marsela is commonly once a month, but if the wave is higher, then there will be no transportation available.

    Marsela Island has big potential for agriculture and marine product. The fisheries are abundant for fishermen and for the inhabitants. There is mangrove forest at this island, as well as coral reef, seagrass and some kind of fishes, either common fishes or endemic fish. Having vacation to this island will be great experience to have; enjoying the tropical nuance and relaxing yourself along potentials here.

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    wooww nice place, clean and great

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    Really its very awesome place

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    Nice place

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