Geographically, Osi island is located in West Seram regency, Maluku. This island is typical of small island because it has only 9 hectar and 600 meter long, with 200 meter wide. You can say that Osi is a small island, but it keeps million of charms. It offers the tremendous underwater nature in the form of coral reefs and colorful fishes that being protected well.

Osi island is in the part of Taman Wisata Alam Laut or marine tourism site from Marsegu Islands, together with other small islands for about 11.000 hectare. The most inhabitants that stay at this island are fishermen that depend their live to the ocean. Not only fishing for fishes, they also cultivating the seaweed.

Saroa fish is one of the endemic fishes at this Island. This fish is kind of unique fish, which has pricky fur along the body, but it delicious to be consumed. Local people believe that this fish can increase the body stamina.
To reach this island we can use little boat and starts from Seram Island, but this will be more difficult to reached when the tide is coming, because the white sand at the beach will be muddy and shallow.