Geser Island is playing an important role in the history of Indonesia, where it becomes the center of spices trading. Pulau Geser is located in the eastern Seram, Maluku. Although, it was the center area for trading spices, this island has no airport and public transportation like car or buses. The main transportation at this island is motorcycle and ship that been operated once a week.

For those who want to stay at this islanf, there are some inns at this 3 km Island with affordable price. The local people is also humbe and kind, and they are willing to share their rooms at their house to be stayed by tourists for free.
Unfortunately, the electricity at this Island will be turn on only for 12 hours per day, which starts from 18.000 6.00. Better prepare your cell phone or camera on while the electricity is on.

At this Island, we can visit Karang Island that located in 1 Km to the west of Geser Island. Pulau Karang is an island that been surrounded by coral reef that rich, beautiful and exotic. After Karang Island, we can also visit Naga Island. Naga is stands for dragon; the area of the island is indicating a dragon shape. This island is unique and a place for fishing.
To reach Geser Island, there are two alternative routes that can be chosen; first route is by using speed boad and ship from Ambon to Geser Island. If we are using speed boat, the trip will be stop at Mahai and Haru and it continues by taking land trip and use rented car from Masohi to Bula. From Bula we continue the trip using motor boat to Geser Island.
Looking at the option we can see that first option is better than the second, but unfortunately the boat that heading to Geser Island is only operate once a week, while the speedboat is operate daily.