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    Santok Goa, West Kalimantan - Indonesia

    Santok Goa tourist attraction that has a mileage of 65 km from the capital district, located in District Sajingan. The route through which to reach the location of these attractions can be reached by the two-wheeled vehicles and four-wheel, which then continued on foot concrete path tracing.

    Goa Maria Santok are natural caves underground. Entering the Cave Mary Santok seemed to be in the bowels of the earth which berdindingkan natural stones. The stones that form small trenches with the sound of splashing water echoing cave filled the space. Very impressed naturally add to the atmosphere and beauty of natural caves.
    The area around the cave is a protected forest santok offers its own beauty for visitors who like adventure while studying ecosystems in this kawsan, because visitors can witness firsthand the life and beauty of unique flora and fauna in the area.

    On every May and October, always held religious rituals in these locations. At the start since 1992, the place was opened as a place of worship for Christians by the Archdiocese of Pontianak. Until now these activities are still underway, in the cave there is a statue of the Virgin Mary and the altar table as an ornament event. The visitors also can take pictures of 10 statues of Roman shades (Statue of Jesus and the Roman Imperial Army) respectively 3 m height as a sign you're in front of the location of Goa Santok.

    Source: disporabudparsambas.wordpress.com

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    Santok Goa, West Kalimantan Map

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