Banda Ely village is located in the North Eastern part of the Kei Besar Island, it takes within 4 hours drive by sea vehicles. The inhabitants at this village coming from the island of Banda. Their arrival in Kei Besar was in 1621, when the war against the Netherlands under the leadership of J.P. Coen happened.

The people in Banda Ely is still using the original language and uphold their traditions such as the art of music and dance. This village is a handicraft center such as iron, silver and pottery. Near to the village of Banda Ely, there is Haar village that has beautiful beach with rich stunning coral. Around the village we can reach Ar Mountain, where there is a castle and an old village. Altough, the people at Banda Ely using traditional language, do not worry about not able to communicate, for there re people that will translate our speaking in Bahasa.

In addition to the nature and the production of the people, the thing that attract tourists to Banda Ely is the coming from the local culture. Their culture is inherited by times and never been distracted by the modern era. Never expecting modern thing like electricity and cell phone signal here, you are just about enjoying the genuine nature and humble people. At some other time, we can participate to the ceremony that been held by the local people and learn about their dance, their music and other activities.