Batubara Linggapura Hill's Peak, called by the name Linggapura because the hill is located in the village of Linggapura, therefore society many who knew the proper name of the peak of Bukit Batu Bara Linggapura, location of the beauty of the tourist Batubara Linggapura Hill's Peak is when you reach the peak of Mount Batubara Linggapura.

To reach the peak Places Linggapura Batubara Hill, for the mileage you can spend about 3 s.d 4 hours to get to the District Lingga Selagai if you are departing from Bandar Lampung. The trip is fairly little too long travel time 3 to 4 hours , and can be seen on the map time 3 hours 46 minutes is not much different from the time it took the original , access trip quite a long time because the access roads to the District of Selagai Lingga Central Lampung regency is not very good road conditions , there is little the poor road so as to make the trip a moment - a moment to be slow to avoid the risk of accidents.

After arriving in the District Selagai Lingga , if you want to get to the village of Linggapura you should use motor vehicles , because the access road is quite bad so do not allow cars to enter the village Linggpura , if you do not have any relatives in the surrounding area you can use a motorcycle taxi surrounding communities to get to the village of Linggapura .

The highlight of the trip up the Batubara Hill Linggapura indeed feels very tiring,mouthful of drink pocket was indispensable to replace the sweat that has been spilled on the streets to take Puncak Bukit Batu Bara Linggapura, but all the tiredness is paid after we reach the summit of Bukit Batu Bara Linggapura , lots of scenery natural that have not been felt in travel - travel , atmosphere cool , beautiful background if you want to take pictures - a photo, if you want to visit the Peak Hill Batubara Linggapura you should pursue the morning or late afternoon to be more visible view of the atmosphere of Peak Hill Batubara Linggapura