Lelisa beach is located in Ambon city, it settled in the opposite of Pantai Santai Ambon and Namalatu Beach Ambon. The best time to visit this beach is during afternoon, because Lelisa beach will be very crowded by tourists, either local and foreign tourists. The children will also happily playing around the chilling waves and find white sand.

When we visiting this beach, we can do swimming, diving, sunbathing on the shore and enjoying the refreshing air at the beach. The scenery at Lelisa beach is also beautiful, where there are rock formations that reaches to the edge of the beach. Moreover, during the low tide, those rock formations are often becomes the photograpic object by the tourists.
Currently, the development of lodging facilities around Lelisa is also increase, among others such as hotels, lodging and cottages are available around the location of Lelisa beach Ambon.