For those who's looking for an adventure weekend in Bogor, means it's time to visit Curug Curug Baliung and Kencana. Two waterfall is not yet known among traveler. In fact, the water is so clear and beautiful. Two of this waterfall is found without a plan. Because the initial intention of looking for a location that is inspired by the story of a previous traveler Leuwi Priok.

A downstream location if we are going Leuwi Ijo and Curug Barong. Do not hesitate to ask where the Kampung wadung which has Leuwi Priok. The exact location in the village of Karang Tengah, District Babakan Madang, Bogor. The Curug itself is not too high, but the water was clear and cool. Unfortunately, if not cheerfully wet here and feel the pleasure of a massage by the swift flow of water to the river below.

Access to Curug Cibaliung is very easy. With your own vehicles, through jagorawi motorway, exit at Sentul City gate, turn left, go to the main road towards the Jungle Land. Before Jungle Land gate turn right through the township road to meet a T-junction. Turn left into Curug Putri Kencana and Leuwi Hejo, while the direction perpendicular to the region of Mount Pancar with pine forests and hot springs. Then follow the road to meet Kencana Putri Waterfall instructions on the right road, approximately half an hour, precisely in Karang Tengah.