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    The Enchanting Sikuai Island, Padang

    Besides Bukit Tinggi, West Sumatera also has many other captivating natural beauties. Sikuai island (Pulau Sikuai) is one of them. Its beauty is ready to steal your heart.

    Natural Beauty

    The island has a natural beauty. The beauty of this island is a blend of the beauty of the sea with all its contents. It is a peaceful island with a natural forest. The sea is very calm and the water is clear, so you can enjoy your time swimming or snorkeling to see the beauties beneath the sea. You will see a variety of marine life such as coral reefs and colorful fish when you explore the underwater.

    Other activities you can do are walking along coast, cycling around the island or enjoying the beauty of the scenery. You can also collect various types of shellfish on the beach or see the natural of the forest with a variety of animal. Typical animal of the island are lizard, monkey, and variety of colorful birds.

    In the afternoon, you will see the beauty of sunset in the Sikuai island. Scenery when the sunset is the most waited moment by the visitors. You can climb a small hill in the middle of the island through the dozens of steps. Your soul will be thrilled by the beautiful sunset with golden red color. Make sure you donít pass a second to capture the beauty of the sunset on your camera. Stunning beauty of sunset can be seen from the top of the island.

    There is one resort on the Sikuai island namely The New Sikuai Resort. You can rent a room at a price of IDR 75,000/night. This resort also provides some activities for swimming, snorkeling, diving, and a wide of water sports.

    How to Go There

    Sikuai island is located in the Mentawai archipelago, West Sumatera, with an area of 40 hectares. To reach this island, from Bungus Bay, you will escorted by a speed boat. Bungus bay is located 23 km the south of Padang City.

    Another way, the visitors can depart from the dock, Batang Harau Street. Management office Sikuai island offers some of the vacation package.

    Package prices are available including the cost of a speed boat (dock Ė Sikuai island-dock). For the visitors who take car, the manager will provide a special parking in the dock.

    The beauty of the Sikuai will steal your heart. The beauty will become an oasis for you again boredom.
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    I need some photo, Can you help me ???

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    Yeah I've checked the images from google, it is beautiful.

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    i ve been go there before, and there is really beautiful a nice place to plan your vacation

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    I need some photo, Can you help me ???

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    Sikuai island (Pulau Sikuai) is one of them. Its beauty is ready to steal your heart. Natural Beauty The island has a natural beauty.

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