Black tea produced by Kayu Aro (Aro Wood) tea plantation is recognized as black tea with the best taste in the world. This black tea is the favorite tea in Dutch Royal Family. The advantage of black tea is that it contains substances which are good for healthy. Riboflavin is good for digestion, polyphenolic is antioxidant, and bioflavonoid is good to avoid osteoporosis. A cup of Kayu Aro tea has reddish color and stronger flavor than other teas. Unfortunately, this tea with its high quality is not for sale in Indonesia. It is only sold abroad. Thatís why Kayu Aro tea is not popular in Indonesia.

This tea plantation was opened in 1925 by NV HVA (Namblodse Venotschhaaf Handle Vereniging Amsterdam) Dutch Company. Kayu Aro Black tea is an official beverage in Royal Dutch and English. The price of Kayu Aro tea in luxury package is 1.8 Pound Sterling per 1/4 kg.

Kayu Aro tea plantation is located at Mount Kerinci valley, Jambi Province, 1400-1700 meters above sea level. This tea plantation is the highest in the world after Darjeeling in India which is 2050 meters above sea level. The specialty of this tea plantation is that it is the biggest tea plantation in the world with an area 3020 hectares. Because Kayu Aro tea plantation is located in tropical country, top of tea leaf can be harvested throughout the year. In addition to produce high quality tea, this tea plantation has stunning scenery which will refresh your mind and soul.