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    Tana Beru, Pinisi Boat Expertise, Bulukumba

    Tana Beru is famous as a place for shipbuilding or traditional boat making. You will feel amazed at the expertise of the community that make a traditional boat with traditional wood construction and traditional equipment. They were able to make the boat very sturdy and stately just based on the experience and knowledge that acquired from their ancestors, without using images or written literature.

    The history proves that National Phinisi Boat has successfully sailed to Vancouver Canada, the United States in 1986. Therefore, Bulukumba is famous as Butta Panritta Lopi, which means the land of the Phinisi boat experts. This Phinisi boat craft center is located in the coastal village of Tana Beru, District Bontobahari, about 24 Km from Bulukumba city.
    The length for making a boat is about 3 to 6 months or can be longer, depending on the readiness of the materials and season.

    Bugis Makassar is one of the heir to a maritime nation. There are a lot of evidence that shows their ability to master the sea with a sailboat. Their overseas experience has been famous since centuries. The discovery of the community of Bugis Makassar in some cities in Indonesia is evidence of their overseas at long ago. They not only dominate the waters of the archipelago, but since a few centuries ago, they also wandered far beyond the country's borders. There were a lot of evidence showing that the sailors of Bugis Makassar has arrived in the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, the Philippines, northern Australia, Madagascar and forth by using Pinisi boat.

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    Tana Beru the Place of Producing Phinisi Boat Bulukumba is one of the second-level region in the province of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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