Air Terjun Lengang Laiya is a waterfall that settled in Bontomanai, Laiya village, Cendrana district, Maros regency, South Sulawesi. Not so many people know this tourism site, because the location is considerably far from the heart of the town, and the access is quite difficult to reach.

The name of Lengang Laiya is taken from the place of this waterfall settled, Laiya Village. Laiya is a village that been built because of the meeting point during the guerrilla war at revolution era. The interesting point from this waterfall is taken from the area and the beauty of the view. The rocky part that covered by muddy surfaces; there are numbers of climbs and sharp curve that will be pumping our adrenaline when try to reach this place.

When you visiting this place, you will find the most genuine situation that similar to Malino Highland, where there are a lot of pines. To reach this place we can use motorcycle and continue to walk. It will better not to visit this place during rainy season, because the path will be more slippery.

This waterfall has 2 stairs with enchanting view from every spots and we can do swimming, bathing or just taking some pictures around the area. Never forget to stay honor the nature, do not bring any harmful things, and never leave any garbage but footprints.