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    Limbong Natural Pool

    Limbong Natural Pool in one natural resource from Toraja that has not widely known, although the distance is only about 15 minutes from downtown Rantepao. The access to the location is easy and it can be reached by using two-wheeled and four wheels vehicles. Although, the condition of the road is not all smooth to get through.

    When we are here, we can feel the atmosphere that mostly silent with unique views, it perfects for those who yearn for tranquility and comfortable atmosphere. Doing fishing or playing water bikes is some activities that can be done in this place. By paying the ticket for Rp 10,000 for domestic tourists and Rp. 20,000 for foreign tourists, as well as an additional Rp.10,000 / 30 minutes for the water bike, the visitors are able to enjoy one of the luxuries nature that lies in Toraja.

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    The locals recognize Limbong Sitodo as a river. Due to its beautiful nature, many travelers want to spend a holiday there. Apart from the river, it also features a stunning waterfall. The name is Indo Ranuang. The waterfall has the height of 100 meters and the water is fresh and clear.

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