Just like Kuta beach in Bali that become an icon, in south Sulawesi they have Losari beach that becomes an icon of Makassar city. It used to title as the beach with longest desk in Indonesia, probably the world. It happened because there are many food stalls were line up along the beach shore. But now, those eatery places had been relocated into nearby place, not far from Losari beach. This step was taken by the local government so the beach will stay comfortable and clean.

We can see uniqueness and specialty from Losari beach, which is tourist who come to visit, will be able to see sunrise and sunset. While waiting for it, they can try various fresh sea foods. Some sea food you can taste here are lobster, calamari, stingray fish, and with affordable price. Beside sea food, tourist can also try many Makassar traditional food, such as palu butung, pisang epek, konro soup, coto makasar, and many more. You can also use internet facility that available here while eating and waiting for the sunset.
Losari beach is located in the heart of Makasar city, South Sulawesi, precisely in Penghibur Street. The street is in the west side of Makasar city.

If you come from Soekarno-Hatta Makassar harbor, it just needs 15 minutes by personal/public transportation. But if youíre coming from Hasanuddin airport, it will take 45 minutes. Furthermore, you donít need to pay any ticket to enter Losari beach.