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    Mampu Cave, Bone

    This cave has an interesting legend. Local people know the legend as Kutukan Mampu (the curse of Mampu) Legend. This legend tells a story about a kingís oath who cursed his people into stone. In the cave you will find stones which have a resemblance to people.

    This cave is formed by natural process thousands of years ago and to enter this cave you need to bring flashlight yourself as inside the cave it is completely dark. Youíll be amazed by the view inside with many stalagmites and stalactites arranged in order. You can find two ancient graves which will surely give a mystical atmosphere in the cave. One grave is located at the center of the cave, while the other one is located at the seventh floor.

    You can also find many stones which resemble animals like crocodile, rat hanging and there is a big stone which looks like a ship. This 200 meters wide cave is used by the local people to make a living by collecting the batís feces which are then sold as a fertilizer.

    To enter this cave you will be charged IDR 2,000 (adult) and IDR 1,000 (child). If you do not bring light with you, you can rent it for IDR 2,000 per torch. To get you easier in exploring this cave, you can also hire a guide for IDR 20,000.

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    It is estimated that this cave has the largest cave chamber in South Sulawesi, with an area of about 2000 square meters. Local people call this is Mampu cave.
    Mampu cave is located in the village district Cabbeng, dua Boccoe in Bone regency. Trips can be reached by traveling overland between 60-90 minutes from the Bone district. A road to the location is quite adequate. It is located on the slopes of Mount with a height of 250 m above sea level. When viewed from afar, the mountain resembles a form of ship an inverted position. On one side there is a hole mountain top which is directly translucent vertical cave in the ceiling mampu cave.



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