If Makassar city has Losari Beach, then Manakarra beach is the duplicate of Losari in Mamuju. It is not too much, because this beach is really has panoramic beauty that captivating anyone who comes to visit. The existence of Karampuang Island as the background, making this beach has more exotic scenery. At night, the beach will be filled by the light of a red light from the ferry that will be anchored or departed from Mamuju Port.

In Manakarra, there is annual event that always been held during Mamuju anniversary and Indonesian Independent day at August, 17. The ceremony is varying, like in 2007 there was roasted fishes party, with 8 tons of fishes being roasted in fire for along 4.300 meter. The most common event than been held annually is the race of Sandeq boat; this event is so familiar and always participated by Mamuju societies.

To get to the attractions in Sulawesi, you can use public transportation or private vehicles. You can start the journey from Tampa Padang Airport, Mamuju, West Sulawesi. From the airport the journey continues towards Manakarra beach and it takes approximately 20 minutes.