White Sand Island or Pulau Gusung Toraja, is one of many destinations when in Polewali Mandar regency. This attraction is located in the eastern part of Polewali and it has the charm of white sand and a cool atmosphere. Administratively, this Island is part of Binuang district together with Tonyamang and other islands like Battoa Island, Panampeang Island, Karamasang, Salamaq Island, and Landea Island.

Toraja Gusung Island is an uninhabited island, because it has the charm of white sand which is almost perfect. The name of Gusung Toraja is taken because the initial formation of the first island is a pile of sand (usually called gusung) and over time becomes an island. It supposedly a few hundred years ago during the war in this region, people of Torajan who were the victims buried in this gusung, so then the island being called as Gusung Toraja. The island is also commonly called the White Sand Island or Pulau Pasir Putih.

However, the island is also has the charm of an exotic underwater; if you are expecting the sensation of enjoying the scenery of underwater landscape, then this territorial waters around the island is the right choice. There will be sea anemone and small coral forest that you can see here.

If you want to go to this island then you can depart from ports in Belang-belang, Tonyamang sub-district, Binuang district by using motor boats that owned by local residents, and it commonly called "taxi laut " with common tariff of Rp.250,000 Rp.300,000. If you want to have cheaper price, then you should do a trip with a lot of people in order to share the fee cost. From this little harbor to the Gusung Toraja will takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.