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    Baliri Beach, North Mamuju

    Baliri is a wonderful beach in North Mamuju, West Sulawesi. Here, the visitors will greeted by wonderful waves that crashing on the beach and gone with the clean sand. This beach has clean sand because it is quite far from settlement. It is about 300 meters from main road, about 5 km from the center city and about 40 km from the capital of North Mamuju.
    This beach is also good for sunbathing activity; some visitors even go cycling around. There is coconut garden near the beach where a spring is found here. This will be your perfect gateway to have vacation with friends and family.

    This beach is settled in Sarjo sub-district, the beach lip is only separated by the coconut plantation that belongs to the inhabitants. This makes the situation become shady and comforting. During the west season, the waves will be raising and this time will be the best time for doing surfing. Meanwhile, where the northeast season in coming, the wave become quite and it perfect for canoeing or swimming.

    Moreover, doing sunbathing at this beach will also be perfect, since the beach is very calm and quiet and not so many people getting around. Having your vacation will be so much fun.
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    Baliri Beach North Mamuju

    Wondering if anyone here is involved with the North Central Mustang Club that meets in Muncy??

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