Situated on the seashores of Makassar Strait, Cinoki Sarudu beach has its own charm, a stretch of beach which is very potential to be used as tourism destination and become the leading tourist attraction in North Mamuju regency.

Located at 500 m from Poros Trans Sulawesi road, 2 km from the district town and 75 km from the district capital, this beach is can be reached through paved road and very easy to reach by car and motorcycle. The settlement is relatively near, which can be functioned as a Homestay. Cinoki beach is unique, because the area is surrounded by old graves were supposedly have thousands of years old.

The green open space at this beach is allowing this area to be developed for potential tourist destination in North Mamuju regency, due to the Lush green trees that create shadiness and cool situation in the middle of refreshing nuance.
As one of the Top destination Tourism in North Mamuju, Cinoki being Prioritized for better tourism destination for both local and foreign tourists, it can be seen from numbers of constructions that been built for facilities, like gazebo, street concrete, and the gateway to the area.