Located in District Pedongga within 15 km from Pasangkayu city, Batu Oge beach has pretty clean sand at low tide. The beach width reach around 100 meters, while the the long reach thousands of meters. The situation around the beach makes Batu Oge becomes pretty good for beach tourism and doing some activities like cycling, beach volley or just playing around the beach. While on the seascape is very good for sailing and fishing because there is coral rock that become marine fish habitat at the beach water.

Pantai Batu Oge is can be reached via the hardening road for almost 2 km from Trans Sulawesi road, through fishing villages which are mostly inhabited by Kaili people.

The shady trees along the coast that become the border line between the shoreline with a green line and the gardens of local residents, giving the additional value for this beach. Moreover, the open spaces at this beach can be used for cottages and parking lot as well as a place where children play, even for camping ground.