Salukaili beach in the Baras village is only 200 meters from the road Trans Sulawesi. Because of the location is quite near to the main road, it makes this beach becomes popular among Baras district. However, Salukaili being popular is not only because of the proximity factor but certainly itoffers beautiful beaches. The clean sand beach that stretching wide, while the shoreline area is overgrown by shrubs forest and shady trees, it makes the beach becomes refreshing.
This salukaili beach has solid sand and it suitabel to be used for racing; there are many youngsters at Saturday night doing racing activity for fun or practising their skill. Moreover, because it only 2 km from Bambaloka city center, Baras city district, makes Salukaili beach becomes crowd for Dangdut performance or music band that presenting pop songs.
Aroung the place, there are some inns to stay and restaurant for having meal. Those who are visiting this beach will be enjoying the nuance and the not so worry about staying.