Ape Cave is one of potential destinations in North Mamuju. The place is stunning by the existence of giant stalactite and stalagmite. There is relief that we can see along the wall of the cave and it beautifully drew since long time ago. The situation inside the cave is calming, with the sense of breezing air from the mouth of the cave.
Goa Ape is located in Bambaira village, it takes 3,5 Km from Bambaira sub-district and 45 Km from the capital city of North Mamuju.

Goa Ape is one of the most visited by local tourists because the access of the road is easy, for it takes only 1,5 Km from Trans Sulawesi road. To reach this place is easy, where the road is already in good condition and it can through by all vehicles.

For those who want to visit this cave, there are people settlements around 3Km from the location of the cave, and we can find home stay, hotel and inn in the capital regency. Do not worry about the hospitality, for everything is clean and tidy.