It is located right in the center of Polewali city, the capital of Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi, better known by the name of Bahari Beach because it located on the road Bahari. In this place you can watch the beautiful sunset, while selecting culinary treats with variety of choices. Bahari beach is visited mainly at night while enjoying the weekend.

Formerly, Bahari Port was very crowd with doing stevedore and shipping between the islands to transport crops from Polewali, such as copra and rice. On the evening, Bahari beach is mostly visited by domestic tourists that coming from regencies or municipalities around the beach, like Majene, Pinrang and Parepare. In this place, the visitors will be treated to taste local culinary from various choices.

At long time ago, this beach is also crowded by cruise ships from inter-island transport crops such as rice and copra from Polewali Mandar, but today, this place becomes a tourism area that visited by many local tourists from surrounding districts like Majene, Pinrang and Pare Pare.

On Sundays and other holidays, Bahari Beach will be crowded by those who are playing and swimming along the coast. In addition, for those who love fishing, this place is also very suitable to do that thing.