Batumeana beach is one of the many beaches that you can visit while in Mamuju, West Sulawesi. The beach is precisely located about 7 Km from Topoyo area; administratively settled in Tumbi village, district Topoyo, Mamuju Central district.
This beach with long coastal lines and covered by mangrove is often used as the location of worship for Hindu Mateng. People in Mamuju are mostly Hindu and originally coming from Bali; they also mostly do the same activity and ritual just like in Bali Island.

Batumeana beach will be crowded by Hindus when the days of the religion, such as during Galungan or Kuningan great days; those activities are usually held along the coastal of Batuemana. It is similar to what we find in Bali, for instance on Tanah Lot, where the worship is done in areas closer to the coast.

In daily, the beach is pretty quiet, if you want to take the culture of the Hindus in the Central Mamuju then visit to this beach during the holidays; there are many traditions and rituals that are interesting to be seen.

Batumeana have potential to be a pilgrim cultural tourism that can be used as one of tourist destinations, there are rituals and traditions that run and can be photographed and seen directly, the same thing that we can see in Bali.