Kalando Waterfall is a new tourist attraction that has not been developed professionally in the Central Mamuju. The waterfall is located in Kalando Hamlet, Tabolang village, Topoyo sub-district, Central Mamuju district. Today, Kalando is crowd visited by local people on weekends, where there are lots of kids and teens who spend their weekend at this place.

When we are visiting this waterfall, we can feel the freshness and the genuine situation; as well as the chirping birds over the green nuance. Just like a tranquility melody that calming our busy brain. There are many points that can be used to sit and enjoy the area around the waterfall. The water flowing path to the small river is interspersed by rocks and pieces of large wood.

The location of Kalando waterfall is behind the high trees of Tabolang forest; cool atmosphere and fresh climate is the thing that you can feel when visiting this waterfall. The facility that being provided still relatively simple, where there is a palm leaf roof gazebo for resting and enjoying the green shady environment around the waterfall.