Kondang Buntung is one of the beaches still fairly natural and popular in nowadays, Kondang Buntung is located near the Balekambang beach which is a beach that is quite popular, the entrance is the same between the two beaches, but to reach the Kondang Buntung beach you have to walk more or less 5000meter up on shore of Kondang Buntung.

Actually this tour is more appropriate in paggil with river stump because the water flow is a result of high tides that has been left, river mouth beach has a width 8meter and 1,5Kilo meter display with the left and right ornament filled with Bakau Plant.

Once you are at the Kondang Buntung Beach that you will be pampered with beach natural that is fairly natural, encircled by the green of the trees beautifully made ​​shore excursions that look beautiful and many tourists call it similar like Amazon, traveled to the shore stump is so exciting you can explore the beach by rent a canoe that provided, more or less of Rp. 25,000 to use the canoe.

Rowing boat over crystal clear waters are calm and shallow which is accompanied by the cool breeze will make you immersed in the beauty, the scenery around to make sense of your comfort feels perfect, well for those of you who like pictures and do not waste time traveling to Kondang Buntung, many cool sport that is very dear if you do not capture it, take pictures crowded with friends is interesting that many in the interest of the tourists in this beach.