Liawan waterfall is one of tourist destinations in Mamasa, West Sulawesi. From several kilometers, you will see white flowing line spliting the green line and when after arriving to the location, you will meet the great waterfall. The water splash hits the lake and the stone underneath and it make dramatic nuance when we see it from close. Fortunately, we can safely swim or walk around the waterfall and enjoy the scenery around.

Liawan waterfall is recommended tourist destination. You can invite your family member and friend to visit this waterfall. The visitors usually having outbound activities here; ome of them even like to have camp, although the air is quite cold yet fresh. Liawan waterfall settled in Sumarorong sub-district area and it's easy to reach. You just need public transportation (bus or minibus) from Mamuju and it takes about 10 hours from Mamuju.

Liawan Waterfall is located in 1000 m high above sea level and the temperature around 17 Celcius. By having 200 meter high, this waterfall has three stairs. Those who are visit the location can park the vehicles safely, for there is parking lot available near to the entrance gate.