Location Ngeden or Ngedan Beach Village is located in Padukuhan Bedalo Krambilsawit Saptosari District of Gunung Kidul Regency Yogyakarta. This white sandy beach used to have Ngedan name but to be more popular and easy to remember now the letter e ngeden where the first read or spoken as the second syllable of the word "December".

Ngeden Beach or Ngedan slowly taking shape and ready to be one attractive option of beach tourism. Now equipped substation temporary resting huts for visitors, parking area, as well as food and drink stalls. In the west there is a walkway extends that is connected to the garden and beautiful coral reefs with relay Pandang on it. The western side of the cliff there Nglimun Beach. The area is suitable for camping and fishing.

For these, when visitors have arrived at Jalan Saptosari - Bake on the front fork in Jetis village hall, turn south toward the village Ngloro. Then right in front of the Village Hall Ngloro T-junction, turn right. No need to worry at every intersection there are signposts.

Before getting into Padukuhan Bedalo visitors on asphalt roads that have been damaged around 1.5 Km . After the last paved road , visitors will go through the streets of cast concrete , which recently completed. Quite easy to pass , because there is no ramp very high or derivative curam.Tetapi after passing through poured concrete, visitors will offers some incredible views. Occasionally try greet farmers and local residents.