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    Beautiful View For Camping, Bukit Langit - Kebumen

    Kebumen now has a new tourist equally beautiful with cliffs Keraton Bandung. Its named Bukit Langit. As the name suggests, the location of Heaven Hill is a tour that offering views of Mount and the firmament of heaven. Nature tourism is indeed crowded crowded with visitors not long ago, before the Mount of Heaven just as alternative travel itself.

    After the photos spreads in Bukit Langit trough the social media then this place is visited by tourists, especially domestic tourists Kebumen area Banyumas, Purwokerto and surrounding areas, but not a few tourists who come from outside the area. After the start crowded, people around then build and manage travel in Bukit Langit.

    Bukit Langit is a natural attraction of the mountains, so it is perfect for nature lovers who want a camping or hiking. Bukit sky beauty lies in the mountain range that is presented in front of the eyes of the cliff like a palace. There are plenty of benches bench seating to enjoy the mountain panorama nature is still preserved, as evidenced by the thick foliage of green there. In addition to enjoying the scenery, visitors can also take pictures with background selfie selfie panorama on the spot that has been provided.

    The location is in the sky Bukit Desa Giripurno precisely in Hamlet Kembangabang RT01 / RW03 , Karanganyar Kebumen regency, Central Java. Heritage is located on the hills of Lean in Karanganyar. To get to the Hill of Heaven, the fastest route is via Square Karanganyar. from the main square download the east to the intersection of PHC Karanganyar download northward up past the temple Markets. then from Temple Markets continue north until the entrance to the Village area Giripurno. Straight continue to follow the main road up to SDN 3 Giripurno. thence continue until until the hamlet Kembangabang substation. Then continue north ikutri road uphill and there are already signpost pointing the way to the location.

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