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    Visiting Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso

    Blawan Waterfall is located in Kalianyar village, Sempol district, 52 Km from Bondowoso city. Blawan Waterfall is the continuation of Kali Pahit River, which is also the disposal place of the water from Kawah Ijen, and it contains of much sulfur. The water from Blawan Waterfall goes down to the earth then it shows up again in Asembagus, Situbondo district.

    Blawan waterfall is surrounded by sharp cliffs and there is also stalagmite cave. It is believed that a long time ago this cave was often used for meditation. Besides Blawan Waterfall, there is also a hot water spring for bathing in this tourism and macadamia plants in this area. The tourism facilities are including; a shelter, hotels and more.
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    It is another place for nature lovers.

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