Wera, It lies to the east of the town of Bima. Located on the north coast of the east of Bima. From the city of Bima, Wera can be reached about three hours away. However, to reach the shores of the eastern wera, if you are out of town might bima time you hug more than three hours.

Wera has a fairly long stretch of beach from the western end of the border with the District Ambalawi ( a division of the District Wera ) to the east by the District Sape. In your journey to arrive at the shores of the eastern wera, you will see visible hills are still green. The streets are also up and down winding. because there rocky hill, rare trees that grow higher than inland - inland hills (mountains). Trees that are seen alongside a road is tree kadondo.

Wera cave is the only cave that is in the sea floor that has a tunnel connecting the Nature Reserve Sangiang with Wera Village. The cave is located in the village of Wera Sangiang District of Bima. This cave including fossil cave which has a horizontal corridor. In these searches done mapping grade 4B leader by Asep, pointer by Rino, shooter by Slamet and sketser by Azjar.

This cave has very many large and small hallway. In this cave the athletes perform horizontal cave search techniques. The cave search techniques also vary according to the hallway that was in the cave. Sometimes the technique used to walk, squat and even creep. Besides this cave also has a type of soil mixed with goano friable and excellent organic fertilizer. Biota which is found in the cave are bats and snakes. The search was performed for two days by the athletes.

Wera cave has some human life the mysteries of ancient civilizations. Even past life, imprinted on the cave walls are decorated with reliefs of hand painting of ancient relics like motif boat, stars, people dancing, people were hunting deer, solar images, images of palm trees, pictures of animals livestock such as cattle, horses and many other relief image.