Bunut Bolong loaded with exotic and magical powers. Bunut Bolong widely trusted by people around to have magical powers and place bersemayamnya ancestral spirits. As usual tourist sites claimed to have magical powers, Bunut Bolong and Pura Poet Way is right in the south, it is not certain origins. But according to the history, Doctor of Sakti temple itself was built by the locals as a form of homage to a master- named Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra.

Bunut Bolong history also has a story of its own among the surrounding population. Once upon a time, a time when the village Manggisari initiated precisely around 1928, suddenly have appeared strange happenings that made no sense. Residents who had lived in the south a sacred cemetery and north Bunut Bolong strange suddenly got the plague.

Bunut itself is a branch in the tree growth can be a large and high. Bunut tree is very unique and different from other trees because it has a hole in it big enough. Width can be several meters so drivable road asphalt and buses that are large could enter.

Bunut Bolong not only stand on its own as a tourist attraction, but just west of this unique tree there is the spread of forest that stretches from south to north that is equally enchanting. Likewise, not far from Bunut Bolong No overlay clove plantations which equally has its own allure.

As a tourist location, Bunut Bolong is an object that is still fairly very natural. To support the various requirements of visitors, then facilities such as parking, public restrooms, restaurants, souvenir stalls, even a complete lodging available. Bunut Bolong is located in a mountainous area that includes Manggisari Village area, District Pekutatan, Jembrana. From Denpasar distance of about 86 km , and can be reached by private car or rent for about 2-3 hours.