Do not be surprised if you 're into Cancar, Flores found the rice fields shaped like a spider web. This is not a crop circle, but the rice was deliberately shaped like a spider web. Cool! Rice fields shaped spider web can you see in the area Cancar, Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Rice field was not intentionally shaped like a spider web to look cute, but this is the system of division of paddy field by the chairman of the local customs.

Manggarai community has been familiar with the tradition division of the fields since then and has made ​​hereditary . Sawah is divided is called lingko . Lingko is customary land owned collectively by the population, and is jointly managed to make ends meet.

Like humans, lingko has its own name . Lingko name depending on the type of plants in the region when the opening of the land. In addition , the name lingko can also be obtained from the geographical shape of the land . One example is the name for at lingko striped rambang is originally found in many plants stripes , similar plants reed.

Lingko not owned by individuals , but it is owned by each tribe in the region. Each tribe has elders who served to divide the magnitude lingko . Lingko sharing system called Lodok.Land distribution is done by determining the center point expanse of customary land. Then , at a central point planted a special timber . The size of the land is determined from the position of a person in the village and the number of families . The higher the position , the greater the soil in the can . Unwittingly , this division would shape the rice fields like a spider web.

Up close, it looks ordinary rice fields like a rice field in general. Try to run to high ground and look toward the fields. You will be fascinated by the rice fields that are similar to spider webs. To reach Cancar and see for yourself the uniqueness of fields, you can start the journey from the City Market Cancar Ruteng to use taxis. Rates to be paid is Rp 40,000 . Quite pricey indeed , but it is comparable to the longer travel time , namely 45 minutes.

Market Cancar , you will find a small road to the village Cancar . About 3 km ahead , visitors will be met with quite fairly steep incline . Here , the motor was not able to enter , someone from the village in Cancar will welcome and invite visitors sign the guest book . After filling out a guest, you can go into the village and enjoy the natural beauty , as well as fascinated with the uniqueness of the field .