Jembangan Wisata Alam (JWA) is located in the village Jembangan, Poncowarno sub-districts, Kebumen district. About 40 minutes from the main square Kebumen. To get this location can be through the road leading to Yogyakarta. Precisely when he arrived at the market Kutowinangun turn left follow the directions.

Do not be surprised if eventually going nemuin directions Jembangan 10km, but after 10km emerging new directions Jembangan 12km onwards as it turned out the directions here piecemeal so tasteless. But luckily the streets here is quite good with asphalt hollow but still tolerable.

Later post tickets costing is about 10,000 / 2 person, from here JWA already getting closer. We venture was already late afternoon so already passable shade. Guns forget to create narcissistic at JWA emblem. Here there is parking along the roadside, so free because it is already included parking tickets.

On the left is a vast green lake formed by the flow of water reservoirs Wadas latitude, to the right there is a mini zoo which Jembangan Fantasy Zoo. At the end is used as a dam, the dam Pejengkolan name. Ditelaga there are many boats, we decided to climb one of them. By paying 15000 we've been able to enjoy the beauty amid the expanse of water and stared at the height of the hill along this lake. Above the tree that grows in the hills berhinggapan birds, occasionally they fly together.