Siwowo cave was in Kebumen, Jawa Tengah. The cave is not deep enough, because it is very steep so it can not be entered lightly. The conditions that are not flat and totally dark, it makes the visitors should be careful. Yet many ways to get into the cave, one that 's worth a try is rapelling. Surely to do rapelling be escorted by a guide.

The guide will takes you to reach the top of the cave, named Karang Tandus Hill. It will takes approximately 15 minutes to get the top. Above the cave, visitors can looked at the combined ocean landscape hill on the southern coast of the island of Java. On top of this hill there is a small hole, maybe just 2 meters in diameter are formed naturally be a starting point of rapelling.

To get into the cave through a hole in the top of the 24 meter high and quite dark conditions. Like getting into an endless black hole. But after arriving in, the jaded pseudo AKAT treated with treats an amazing view. For those who likes the outdoor adventure, you must try this rapelling.