Every day, dozens of people back and forth up and down to the hilltop either just to take pictures and to eliminate the fatigue. They were fascinated with the natural beauty that is visible from the bridge or bridge Selfi above the clouds at the top Sendaren, Dusun Karang Gedang, Panusupan Village, District of Rembang, Purbalingga.

To go to the site, visitors from the direction leading to the village can Purbalingga Rajawana, District Karangmoncol first. Then it went on a trip to Dukuh Karang Gedang, Village Panusupan. Arriving at the main post, the journey to the bridge forwarded by walking down a dirt road around the fields of local residents. There are three posts that must be passed by the visitors to get to the top. With terrain that is not too steep will make it easier for novice climbers.

During the trip, visitors will be accompanied by a view of the rather eliminate fatigue. Rows of lush hills, breeze and clear blue sky with Mount Slamet distant chime form a natural painting liver remedy. After one hour journey through the footpath with shrubs on either side, the visitors will get to the top Sendaren the famous Bridge on this cloud.

Bridge with a length of 10 meters which is located on the hill with a height of 682Mdpl is not like a bridge in general. This bridge is intentionally designed to pamper guests visiting Sendaren peak. From the bridge, visitors can see the District of Rembang, District Karangmoncol as well as other areas of elevation.

The entrance fee is cheap, beautiful scenery, as well as an easily accessible location make this place into one of the young child's favorite travel desinasi lately. Not only local residents, the other residents from outside are droves to visit.