Travel with the nuances of the hills well as surveys alternative place for tent or camper. Located in Depok mountain park sky travel become one of the alternatives because of information sources has the advantage that the air park can see the view several areas such as purwokerto, cilacap, purbalingga and banjarnegara besides views of the sunrise or sunset can be seen if there is no fog and overcast.

Actually trip to the park space could be reached through multiple channels, namely from the square Banyumas to pasinggangan but this time we took the path of purwokerto - cape - Patikraja - Kebasen - after passing the dam motion Serayu will encounter a T-junction next to the police station Kebasen we take the path to the left ie majors Kalisalak before Kalisalak football pitch will be found directions to the local board pasinggangan Banyumas after entering the path towards pasinggangan about 2 km there is a signpost towards banar coral, coral banar us through because the conditions were nice asphalt road.

After passing some rise and fall is quite steep and somewhat confusing intersection finally arrived at the location of the park space travel ticket sales Binangun Banyumas, appears on the right side there are counter food stalls and booths where some traditional art tools such as gamelan etc. ticket visitors will be charged 5 thousand rupiahs / person to get into the hillside location of the park space. and for motorcycles can enter the tourist areas because of the ticket booths are still 300 meters away and even then running up hill.

If you are feeling lazy to walk and do not carry a motorbike or hire a motorcycle taxi to drive to the top of the park space at a cost of 10 thousand / person. Motorcycle parking is located not far from the location of the park space greatly facilitates the visitors who are unable to walk to the condition of the road is uphill, for parking rates charged 2 thousand / motors.

After a few moments walk from the parking area reached the top of the hill garden space that is wide enough , seen some of the facilities such as the seating of a tree trunk , signage view, trash, camping ground. Also look also for motor cross track or trail . here also appear visible tower of a mobile carrier. For our first visit that part of the sea view and sunrise cilacap faintly visible from a distance.

Cilacap area with sea view and then proceed Purbalingga area and Banjarnegara visible stretch of the river that divides the two counties Serayu this. to view Purwokerto visible Purwokerto city and Baturaden travel and mountain chains slamet though dimly. Probably more fun to see viewnya preferably overnight or camping here so if you are lucky the weather was friends could enjoy the sunset or sunrise glitter of the cities evenings and highly suggested to bring binoculars. Finally after the satisfaction of seeing the sights in mountain locations in Depok or garden space Binangun Banyumas village we went home back to Purwokerto.