Alun Alun Taman Merdeka

Alun-Alun Taman Merdeka/ Merdeka Square or ATM, is an open park in the heart of the city of Pangkalpinang.Located at point zero kilometer, this park is in Jalan Sudirman and jalan Merdeka, in front of the ex-resident house. Around the park, there are tennis court, internet hot spot and Taman Sari in which there are public stage and playground for children as well as Gasing court (traditional game).

Taman Sari is also known as Wilhelmina park. It was designed by Architect Van Ben Nenzenhorn to support the House of the Dutch Resident in colonial era. There is also "Independence movement" monument to commemorate the strugle of te Indonesian, particularly Bangkaneses, to fight for the independence from colonization of Dutch.
ATM is visited by many locals, especially in the afternoon and holidays. On Eid celebration, moslems pray in this park in the morning. In the middle year, Serumpun Sebalai Festival is held in here.