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    Mbehi Beach With The Coral Shape, East Malang, East Java

    Discussing about the beach in the southern unfortunate indeed there would be no limit. A tons of seaside charm in poor always to offering new destinations. Among of them is a beach located on the west coast of Sugu precisely located around the protected forest area Bantur ie Mbehi Beach also known as as wulung rante beach.

    Mbehii Beach give an enchance that is very high, with very clear water beaches and light blue, and the white sand beaches and clean coupled with cliffs that are accessible to enjoy open sea view. Sunrise and Sunset Panorama you can enjoy for exclusive on this beach, with the background of high seas makes sunrise and sunset looks so charming of this beach. There is also a rock that resembles a caldera adds to the uniqueness of this beautiful beach.

    Mbehi beach is located 3 km from the famous beach peacock, precisely located in the village of the district Bantur sumberbening poor districts. Its location is hidden behind the protective forests exist animals, making the atmosphere of the beach is very asri. It would looks of net sand beaches and crystal clear sea water makes this beach more beautiful. This beach has a coastline that is not too long with a characteristic waves southern coast are classified as malignant. The beach is still classified ranks mbehi beautiful beaches around the coast of the famous peacock.

    In addition to offering the charm of a very beautiful beach, the beach also has another side that can be called as a very rare phenomenon keren. There is a big hole on the edge of the reef and when a big wave came to be spitting up with a sound like a dragon, and there are pool natural pool known as angel bay which is phenomenal in social media.

    To get there we should be tracking to the hill at the far eastern coast of mbehi this. We have to climb a hill hefty uphill for 15 minutes. Once there we will be pampered by the expanse of the Indian Ocean are very spacious plus the breeze that makes our souls will be peaceful and damai. Here on the rocks contained a huge two very unique phenomenon.

    Behind this coral island there is a big hole and if a big wave coming toward the reef, the water will enter kesela in between holes and vomit it up accompanied by a roar like a dragon's voice. The other phenomenon is natural swimming pool is situated adjacent to a large hole phenomenon earlier, where the pool is formed naturally with water so clear size is not too besar. There are 2 pools are very suitable for spoiling us even more with pacific ocean beckground very extensive make us as find a piece of paradise on the beach this Mbehi.

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    It's a really amazing place.

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