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    The Beautiful Majestic Stone of Kalimbuang Bori, Sesean - South Sulawesi

    When you have the opportunity to visit Tana Toraja in South Sulawesi, do not to miss Bori Kalimbuang. Located in the village Sesean, North Toraja, you will enjoy a collection of menhir neat and charming. Although the distance is not too far from the center of the capital of North Toraja, the place is somewhat not too crowded visited by tourists because of its presence is less well maintained. Coupled with the cost of admission is quite tolerable namely, Rp 10,000.

    Batu Beranak is located about 5 km from the city of Rantepao, and located on Jl. Bori, District Sesean in Toraja the north. To get to the megalith site, the road that can be taken is quite a lot, but of course, with terrain that is not too good. Menhir were there at least amounted to 102 bar with a magnificent standing stones. All these different sizes of composition and placement looks very beautiful and lovely. 24 Stone fruits large size, 24 pieces of medium size and 54 small-sized fruit.

    To measure this menhir have the same customs value even though different sizes. The cause of the differences are differences between the circumstances at the time of creation / retrieval stone building. Proseso Megalith / Simbuang stone was only held when the community leaders who died and the ceremony was held in Rapasan level Sapurandanan ( buffalo are slaughtered at least 24 male ).

    The largest megalith is one of nine specified as a tourist attraction as a UNESCO world cultural heritage in North Toraja. Construction Tongkonan Rante Kalimbuang done by five major components: Tongkonan Tokeran Gandang, Tongkonan Lumika, Tongkonan Lolok Stone, Tongkonan Ne ' Lame and Tongkonan of wood. Stone formation process Simbuang (menhir stone / megalithikum) it must be through a long ritual. The first is to do a search and observation rocks Simbuang candidate.

    Second, performance, sculpture to form the desired stone. As well as the third one is that it has completed the withdrawal of the stone. After that then must be piled stones on Rante (The customary funeral rites were equipped with 100 pieces menhir/megaliths). The uniqueness of Bori Kalimbuang or ordinary people call Kalimbuang Rante Bori is Simbuang Stone was established as a symbol of status and conservation values ​​Tongkonan, large size (height and diameter) Simbuang stone is emblematic of higher social status.
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