Kenjeran is famous by the fisheries products, regarding that it is near to the coast. Most of the inhabitants are living by being fishermen and selling the products. One of those products are Kenjeran smoked fish.

This traditional market that selling smoked fish is located in Old Kenjeran. Along this street, we can find many stalls with the sellers doing the smoking in traditional way. Initially, the use of this smoking fish was to preserve the amount of fishes to be consume in some other times. Fortunately by founding this method, it becomes the new prospect to find another way in business.

The market is not far from the Kenjeran beach, it is unique because the buyers have to get in line waiting for smoking fishes are ready to pack. Meanwhile, the buyers are also have to hold the pain because of the puffing smoke.

There are some types of fish that can be choose in this smoking market along the Kenjeran shore, including baronang, red snapper, mackerel and stingrays. Moreover, this market is also offer fresh raw fishes instead of smoked fishes and some oysters [occasionally], razor clamp, sea cucumber, shrimp and so on.

Sometimes, the supply of the fishes are reduce because of the uncertain weather that makes the fishermen hold their fishing. The most wanted smoked fish is smoked mackarel or stingrays.

The prices are vary from each fishes, for regular price, we can get Rp. 1500 -- Rp. 2000/ pieces. For red snapper, it cost Rp. 35.000 / kilo. While, for smoked mackarel it cost Rp. 20.000-25.000 / kilo. But, do not worry about the prices, because everything is negotiable here.

Smoked fish is particularly served with hot spicy sauce, like hot paste sambal and hot rice. The taste is wonderfully yummy. The taste between the hot spicy sauce and the smoke fish is fused and particularly identical. Worth to try...