Sedahan beach a hidden beach in Gunung Kidul, DI Yogyakarta. The beach is located 3km east southeast coast late in Wediombo. For those who drives can park them in the parking area at Beach Wediombo. After parking the vehicle could then ask the residents about the direction of the road to the beach Sedahan. Its direction is in the east southeast coast Wediombo more accurately east coast jungwok.

To go to the beach is a bit of extra energy required for to get there we are required to conquer hills, fields of population, stone forest, and shrubs. If it does not get lost on the way we can find a fountain and a small cave. After finding springs, travelers will be faced with the intersection.

If you take the road to the left, you'll be heading to the beach Sedahan and if right onto Beach Greweng or if you are physically ready to head to the beach to enjoy the sand and then greweng tanjaklah hill located just to the left / east coast greweng. After walking around greweng 10-15menit from the beach, you will find the beach very pretty and quiet, the beach Sedahan. Deserted because the beach is far from the population and is not a beach destination.

Because of the loneliness of the human being, the beach is to not have a bathroom and stalls like most beaches in Gunung Kidul. Sedahan beach is flanked by two large reefs are facing. Tourists can climb the rock to see the view from the top.