Goa ikan, so some fishermen and residents around the islands of Derawan call this place. From the side of the island Kakaban, the entrance to Laguna Kehe Daing is not so visible. It is hidden behind the cliffs high makes this remote lagoon. The entrance is in the form of a small cave in the cliff side. We had to come exactly at low tide in order to enter the cave and penetrate towards the lagoon.

Otherwise, a small cave that would be the closest distance to enter the lagoon will be immersed in the tide. Actually, there are other alternatives when it arrived in the island Kakaban during high tide. The crew members who guides will tell the road with a rock-climbing using a ladder.

Laguna was formed due to the small cave which became the inflow and discharge of seawater. Cave fish was not separated from the existence of the cave which is also the entrance and exit of small fish into the lagoon at high tide. When the water receded, small fish trapped in the lagoon will swim - swim in shallow waters. We will feel the sensation of enjoying a private beach with high cliffs as a fence by its remote location makes this lagoon lonely, yet many visitors who know of the existence of this lagoon.

The landscape around the lagoon so peaceful. Surrounded by cliffs and shady trees, as well as the white sandy bottom of the lagoon which makes it very quiet lagoon. Some palm trees perched on a cliff edge, leaves dancing in the breeze as gentle. While humming seduction coconut island, Laguna Kehe Daing is the perfect place to unwind.