Located in the village of Mangunan, Dlingo subdistrict, Bantul. This location is about 35 km from the center of Yogyakarta. Location was built by permerintah Bantul in 2003 over an area of ​​23.3415 hectares at an altitude of 150-200M above sea level. Point altitude that makes this region has cool air and mountain views thousand.

From the center of the city of Yogyakarta, find the Imogiri East or Giwangan Bus Station. Continued to the south, after arriving in Imogiri Imogiri then take line - Dlingo (see signpost driving directions ), about 5 kilometers later will be found Mangunan Village Hall, now there is no directions to the location of the Orchard. The access roads leading to this place is good enough.

Tourism potential travelers that can be done here is to observe a wide variety of fruits that are tastefully decorated in accordance with the condition of the slope of the hill Mangunan include durian, mango, rambutan, guava, orange, amber, Duku, and mangosteen. In addition, there are also other fruits are relatively few such matoa, longan, guava, jackfruit and star fruit. To add to the coolness besides fruit trees there is also teak, king grass, hedges in the form of bark, and pine magium.

To see the sights of the marvels of this you can look directly at the hilltop Fruit Garden Mangunan contained substations of view there. Access to the hill there are two pathways, for bikers and pedestrians. To enjoy the trip to the hill view post choose the path for pedestrians, at this point we can enjoy these ancient rocks are scattered on the hill.

In view of the substation can be used to relax while seeing the sights and flow Oya River snaking. This observation post was built to include a ladder made of cement and iron rod. So it is quite safe to walk up and down the hill toward the viewing post. From the viewing post, visitors also can watch the sunrise and sunset are very beautiful and is a great place to take pictures.

From this observation post would later contained a suspension bridge over the River Oya. The bridge connects between villages so as to facilitate transportation. Suspension bridge which is above the Oya river basin is quite charming as a photo shoot. A backdrop of mountains and greenery add freshness that makes you want to linger at the hanging bridge.