Mount Prau Dieng. Dent on the top of hills lined Prau feast for the eyes anyone who looked. Moreover, the rainy season, fresh green color with alternating Daisy flower under the auspices of a blue sky with clouds overlay overlays the mainland blanketed the horizon and below so as if we were in the land above the clouds.

In the dry season, Prau not lose its charm. At the peaks of Prau night sky filled with glittering stars, not to mention silver background Sunrise with surrounding mountains create an atmosphere of melancholy and peace. Romantic blend between Light and Natural Green Mountains.

Prau mountain at an altitude of 2565 meters above sea level, Mount Prau administratively into the territory some districts at once. the district of Banjarnegara, Wonosobo, Batang and Kendal. Being in Astronomical mountain is located at coordinates 7 11 ' 13 " S, 109 55' 22" East.

Mount Prau elongated shape includes several Regional District of Mount allows this to be achieved through alternative Trailhead. Paths through the north, you can get through Kendal, instance of Genting Mountain Village, Balong village, Village Kenjuran in Sub Sukoreja. Mileage traveled upward through the North lines may take less than 6 hours.

At Mount Prau there are some rare and unique animals including endemic fauna of Java such as Save the Javan gibbon or Hylobates moloch, Tiger Beetle -Panthera pardus, javanensis -Mydaus Java Skunks, Deer -Cervus timorensis, And there are also eagles Java - Nisaetus bartelsi. Even in this mountain also been found traces of animal -like traces of the Javan tiger tigris -Panthera sondaica.

While Flora owned wealth Mount Prau such as flowers or a bag Nepenthes Gymnamphora Semar, Anaphalis javanica Anaphalis maxima or better known by the name of eidhelweis Flowers, Flowers Daisy who has the Latin name Bellis perennis and several species of orchids that many stuck in the trees.

In the dry season ahead, Daisy Flowers that grow in mountain Prau start blooming. green meadow that was just grass and bushes was transformed into a sea of flowers Daisy.